Monday, August 5, 2013

Family (Part 2 - Mine)

In my last post I talked about family. In summary, a parental family is the family one grows up in. One then goes out into the world, finds one or more people to love and live with, and makes a new, chosen family with them. This post will talk about a particular case.

This is the family I grew up with:
Parental Family
I am at an age when I’m mostly still living with them, but I’m also living away a lot of the time (at school) and have found a person I love and want to live with.

So... I should live with him. Right?

No. Our relationship is not the hearts and wedding rings kind of relationship. It’s the playing Scrabble and finding snails on the beach and curling up with cups of tea in the winter kind of relationship. Most people don’t have a word for it. Some people would call it ‘queerplatonic’, but we think that’s a dumb word and besides, why do we need a word anyway?

 Our relationship is very important to both of us, but for hat guy, it is not everything he needs in his personal life. He also needs a hearts and wedding rings kind of relationship.

 Fortunately, he has that!
 So…they’re going to go live together and I will be sad and lonely?

Sad? :(
 Nope. Because flower lady is AWESOME...

 …and not only is totally cool with me being around, but wants me to live with them.

We are going to be a family. The three of us. They will be a couple, and hat guy and I will love each other (But in the pink way, not the red way. It’s a different colour, see?), and flower lady and I will have the most awesome picnics on the front lawn. We’ll have a big house so that we’ll all have room to live in, and hat guy and flower lady can have adorable child(ren) (and I can be the cool aunt), and people whose families aren’t working out can come stay with us for as long as they want. As life goes on, I might find a wedding rings kind of relationship with someone, and that would be pretty cool. There’s plenty of room in the house and the family.  

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  1. Wow, I don't know how I have never come across this post before, but this? This is me SO MUCH IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY. Well, apart from the plans for you three to all live together, which will probably not happen in my case simply for logistical reasons (i.e. me moving overseas to go do further study and not knowing where I will end up.) But either way, I really just want to give you a huge hug now, because you are awesome and like me and that makes me happy. :D