Me (GreyWanders)
I am in my early twenties, cis female, somewhere under the asexual umbrella. I enjoy science, the ocean, and making things. I'm learning all the (computer) science I can at a wonderful university in distant(ish) lands, and trying not to think too hard about what I'm going to do with it. Maybe raise animals on a farm.

Hat Guy Hats
Early twenties. Trans woman? Allosexual. She enjoys math and biology, the ocean, and Magic the Gathering. She is studying hard at the local university, preparing to be a professional dispenser of knowledge.

Flower Lady Flowers
Early twenties, agender, bisexual. They enjoy art, sexual education, and traveling. They are exploring the artistic canvas that is the top of a latte, amassing a small collection of felines, and trying to become wealthy by helping people.

Hats and I went to high school together, and have a relationship which defies definition at every turn. In seven words or less it goes: There is love. There is no sex.

Hats and Flowers met at a university party when they were the two most uncomfortable people there. They're going to get married and have at least one adorable child.

The relationship between Flowers and me is a work in progress. It was the last link to be made, and has the strange property of being intentional. We're cultivating it.

The three of us together form a family unit - a chosen family.

Last updated 24/3/2015, or 3/24/2015 for you Americans who write dates the way that makes no sense.

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